The CSR commitment at Synchrone is concrete

Social and environmental responsibility.

Synchrone makes practical and measurable social and environmental responsibility commitments on the ground.

Each year, an action plan lays out the objectives. The cross-functional CSR division ensures its deployment, in conjunction with the departments concerned in the company, and measures the results of past actions. Each employee is invited to participate so they can respond in their own way to various social, ethical, and environmental challenges.

With complete awareness and transparency, we view our commitment as a guarantee of progress and durability, the key to shared growth that benefits the company, its employees and partners, and more widely, civil society and the environment in which we develop and grow.

Driven by an ambition for continuous improvement and performance, Synchrone is formalizing a new CSR governance and strengthening its policy on two priority issues: a low-carbon strategy and a responsible digital approach. The next objective is to validate its commitment with one or more labels, affirming its effectiveness in the sector.

Our areas of commitment


Diversity and Equal Opportunity

- Responsible recruitment
- Cultural and social diversity
- Gender equality
- Integration and opportunities for people with disabilities


Quality of life at work

- Workplace well-being, health, and safety
- Sense of solidarity
- Personal/professional life balance
- Skills development
- Labor relations


Climate strategy

- Energy savings
- Waste management
- Carbon offsetting
- Improving employee awareness


Digital responsibility

- Eco-design
- Green IT
- Inclusiveness and e-accessibility
- Digital eco-friendly habits
- Data protection and security


- Supplier strategy and ethics

- Combating corruption
- Responsible purchasing
- Supplier assessment and commitment
- Involvement in the solidarity economy


Audit de la politique RSE

Synchrone has received a SILVER medal rating, which places it in the top 8% of IT consulting firms audited by EcoVadis, an independent rating agency.

Gender equality index

Published annually, our index for
the 2021 was:

79 out of 100
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Diversity & inclusiveness in the Synchrone teams

Three examples of concrete actions involving the Synchrone teams’ solidarity efforts and benefits for people with disabilities.

Each year, a unique activity is offered to our teams during the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities.

It’s a fun and original way for employees to get involved and show concern for disabled people in the workplace who are often not recognized.

In 2021, the serious game: “80%, the agency of unique talents.”

Mission: discover as quickly as possible the identity of the hidden fifteen celebrities to create the best agency cast, and unlock the six prizes until the valuable “Invisible Disabled Person” door opener!

Cécile Hernandez, médaille d'or

Cécile Hernandez, Olympic para-snowboard champion, is an athlete sponsor of Synchrone.

Since 2017, Synchrone has provided support to Cécile Hernandez, Olympic para-snowboard champion, who has impressed us with her strength of conviction, her humanity.

As the company’s athlete sponsor, she stands as an example of resilience and commitment, and regularly assists us in our events to offer us a different view of life, tolerance, openness, and the fighting spirit.

In her efforts to have her disability admitted into the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Games, Cécile showed that tenacity can help you win the greatest victories with her gold medal win in snowboard-cross at the games.

Hats off to you!

Le jour se lève

A vast environmental protection project

Every day, Synchrone implements a Green IT policy with the aim of fighting pollution and global warming.

It aims to collect and dispose of waste, decrease resource and energy waste, reduce single-person commuting, promote collective actions, and raise awareness among all our employees and partners about sustainable development.

Since 2018, Synchrone has been involved in the “Vader Piet” carbon offset project.

As part of our collaboration with Konica Minolta for our printing solutions, we choose to support the Vader Piet project, which has received Gold Standard certification, the strictest standard in carbon offsetting.

As part of our collaboration with Konica Minolta for our printing solutions, we choose to support the Vader Piet project, which has received Gold Standard certification, the strictest standard in carbon offsetting.

The objective of this project done in partnership with ClimatePartner is to offset 18,396 kg of CO2 created by our printing output between 2018 and 2023.


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