Cyber Security

Protect your data against all types of cyber risk
Today’s large organizations are digital and connected, exposing them to major, strategic cybersecurity threats. To meet its clients’ needs for resiliency and efficiency, Synchrone has opted to reinforce its cybersecurity department. Made up of a multidisciplinary community of experts capable of supporting any security requirement, Synchrone serves as a talent incubator, innovation catalyst, and cyber watch center.


Governance, Risk & Compliance


Rolling out a governance strategy to comply with legislation

As threats and legislative pressure grow, large organizations must ensure that their governance is in line with the latest regulations. From audit to certification, our GRC teams are with you every step of the way to design and implement a compliant governance strategy for security and risk management.


Operational cybersecurity


Analyze, supervise, and detect vulnerabilities in your IT system

In the face of repeated attacks, organizations must protect themselves so that they can quickly identify intrusions and block them by correcting/patching any weaknesses. To address this challenge, Synchrone has created an offering designed for its key accounts, combining technical know-how and expertise in cybersecurity.


Network security


Configure and set the parameters of your networks with the right architecture

Cyber attacks are a real, serious threat to companies The consequences are dire: they can paralyze systems, cause financial losses, and harm reputations. To protect your data and your day-to-day business, a secure infrastructure is critical Synchrone has more than 20 years of expertise in the field, to securely support the surveillance of your networks.

Our Experts

Governance & risk management consultants
SIEM engineer
SOC analyst
Project managers
BCP consultants
Network security architect
IAM consultants

Consultante cybersécurité - travail collectif

Focus on methodologies & standards
ISO 27001

Thibault, manager sécurité


Senior Manager for Cybersecurity

Every large organization has been or will be the target of a cyber attack. The question is not whether they will be victimized by hackers, but when. As such, the most important factor is what level of security will be in place to limit vulnerabilities and their impact, and what type of organization will be effective at identifying and warding off the threat. While preventing an attack is impossible, it is possible—and indeed critical—to be prepared in advance in order to manage and reduce its scope. This is the value and promise of Synchrone’s cybersecurity expertise.