Synchrone performance? Diversity and equal opportunities

Change is a collective game.

More than just a slogan, this has been our deeply held belief through more than 20 years of digital disruption. Synchrone’s motto embodies the power of collective action in driving the digital transformation.

All of the 1,500 people who make up Synchrone work each and every day to deliver for our clients, for projects on their own sites and at our local offices. These hubs for work and dialog, set in the heart of France’s leading metropolises, are open, accessible, and welcoming to our clients, teams, and partners.

We are integrating new tech solutions and upgrades within our Data, Cybersecurity, Finance, Digital, and Innovation offerings. These value-creating solutions are rolled out in Synchrone’s fields of specialization: Finance, Transportation, Services, Industry, etc.

Efficiency is our goal, and our CSR commitment is central to our company policy. We are constantly reinforcing our social and environmental commitment, which has been recognized annually by EcoVadis, with concrete actions and new certifications.

Innovation, performance, team spirit, and responsibility: these are the priorities of our management team, based on their extensive experience in digital services. They are well-versed in the challenges of our business sector, and they work every day to build the future of Synchrone.

Key figures

Projected 2022 Revenue

142 M€

Personnel in France

1500 employees


120 key accounts




Founders – Executive Board

Pierre Lacaze et Laurent Leconte, dirigeants de Synchrone
Laurent LECONTE and Pierre LACAZE

Synchrone was founded in 2001 by Laurent LECONTE and Pierre LACAZE. Today majority shareholders, Laurent and Pierre chair the company’s Management Board.

Management team

Patrice Albuisson - Directeur général de Synchrone


Managing Director


Assistant Managing Director
Violaine Cozette, DRH de Synchrone

Violaine COZETTE

Human Resources Director
Nicolas Ducrocq, Directeur des opérations de Synchrone


Director of Operations
Jérôme Jamain, Directeur commercial de Synchrone
Sales Director

The 4 Synchrone Principles

To be in sync with Synchrone, in our teams and with the companies we work with is to know how to listen and come to an understanding with one another; to think together about tomorrow’s solutions; to be curious and ready to act and react with finesse and determination; to share knowledge and expertise, cultivate differences and share them to further enhance the models already under development.
It's also about adhering to the 4 Synchrone principles.



Working together means integrating into the culture of the businesses that we work with to develop relevant and effective models that can evolve and anticipate coming changes and challenges.
And it's also about engaging in real-time discussions among consultants to help expand our diverse skillset and expertise and enhance each ecosystem with the full range of knowledge.



This starts with be able to pick up on the small whispers and murmurs in the air over time and the changes that they may bring to our technological and human systems.
To decipher, understand, and anticipate the changes underway, you need to listen to what's happening in our time and its particularities and also listen to our employees who form Synchrone's strength and soul.



Openness means being able to make systems work and communicate together, recognizing that we all have much to learn from each other, to cultivate diversity in our company, and to continually train the consultants in new instruments and technologies.
But it is also about looking to tomorrow by collectively supporting participatory projects focused on inclusiveness, the environment and workplace well-being.



To be able to respond with solid expertise and agility to any change in the computing systems of various companies, Synchrone works with the virtuosos in digital technology, data, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and infrastructures.
Being a virtuoso is about assisting the digital transformation swiftly and with complete control, adapting to any configuration, and quickly and safely acting and reacting to any encountered challenges.


Aix-en-Provence (Siège Social) 

405, Avenue Galilée

13290 Aix-en-Provence

04 42 16 44 44 


115, Rue Réaumur

75002 Paris

01 44 94 78 00 


17, Boulevard de Berlin

44000 Nantes

01 44 94 78 00


2, Rue Claude Chappe

35510 Cesson-Sévigné

02 99 26 81 36


129, Rue Servient

69003 Lyon

04 78 17 12 05



03 88 27 93 92



07 86 86 56 82


1095, Rue Henri Becquerel

34000 Montpellier

04 48 19 16 07

Clermont Ferrand

17, Rue de Sarliève

63800 Cournon-d'Auvergne

07 79 73 74 85

Sophia Antipolis

930, Route des Dolines

06560 Valbonne

04 93 00 61 49