The CSR commitment at Synchrone is concrete

Social and environmental responsibility.

Synchrone makes practical and measurable social and environmental responsibility commitments on the ground.

Each year, an action plan lays out the objectives. The CSR team ensures that they are implemented in connection with the departments involved in the company and that the results of the actions taken are measured.

With complete awareness and transparency, we view our commitment as a guarantee of progress and durability, the key to shared growth that benefits the company, its employees and partners, and more widely, civil society and the environment in which we develop and grow.

The CSR commitment at Synchrone is concrete

All the positions in the company are involved, and each employee is invited to participate, at their own pace, in missions addressing social, ethical, and environmental challenges.

At Synchrone, we love to climb mountains as much as we love to contemplate them.

Our focus areas


Diversity and equal opportunity

- Responsible recruitment
- Cultural and social diversity
- Gender equality
- Integration and opportunities for people with disabilities


Employee support

- Workplace well-being
- Health and safety
- Sense of solidarity
- Personal/professional life balance
- Skills development
- Labor relations


Protection and respect for the environment

- Energy savings
- Waste management
- Carbon offsetting
- Improving employee awareness


Supply chain & Purchasing

- Responsible purchasing
- Supplier charter
- Supplier evaluation


Data protection

- IT Security
- Personal data protection
- Digital responsibility


Citizen and societal impact

- Patronage
- Support for the local economy & the adapted sector


Governance & Ethics

- Responsible governance
- Combating corruption

Three examples of concrete actions involving the Synchrone teams’ solidarity efforts and benefits for people with disabilities.

Each year, a unique activity is offered to our teams during the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities.

It’s a fun and original way for employees to get involved and show concern for disabled people in the workplace who are often not recognized.

In 2021, the serious game: “80%, the agency of unique talents.”

Mission: discover as quickly as possible the identity of the hidden fifteen celebrities to create the best agency cast, and unlock the six prizes until the valuable “Invisible Disabled Person” door opener!

To raise awareness about the situations of vulnerable communities, Synchrone performs various solidarity actions throughout the year.

One emblematic event occurring each year is the Pink Month movement, which benefits the fight against breast cancer.

For the event, Synchrone seeks out numerous runners for its running team to participate in charity runs organized throughout October with the Odyssea Run being at the major event.

In March and April of 2022, Synchrone participated in the H-Games, a large inter-company competition supporting people with disabilities as part of its sports and well-being program, United Heroes x Synchrone.

All of the employees got involved over three weeks to support athletes with disabilities, which helped to generate a Synchrone donation to the Fédération Française Handisport.

Diversity & inclusiveness in the Synchrone teams






of the staff

Young people


of annual recruitments

People with disabilities


employee awareness