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Thanks for visiting Synchrone website

According to the requirements of the Confidence in the Digital Economy Law of June 21, 2004:

Thanks for visiting Synchrone website.

The aim of this website is to provide an up-to-date information for visitors to understand Synchrone and its solutions.

We wish you to feel safe while visiting our website. We are committed to preserving your confidentiality each time you visit it and all along your digital experience.

This website is developed and maintained by the company Gincko lab

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Sarah DRAY, Communications Manager

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Privacy Policy

Visitors’ personal data which are collected through our website are specifically used by Synchrone’s Team in charge of dealing with Visitors’ own requests.

Our Employees sign upon integration our internal Information Security Charter. Doing so, they commit themselves to contribute in the daily routine to guarantee total confidentiality on all data they might use or be aware of.

Synchrone is ISO27001-certified. This certification is the only international norm that audits companies’ ISMS (Information Security Management System). It validates that the processes and controls have been set up and respect the highest international standards of Information Security.

As per GDPR law recent enforcement, Synchrone is committed to respect the confidential aspects of each single piece of personnal data given by each Visitor of our website. There are two categories of gathered data :

1. Technical data gathered during the inscription/surfing process of the Visitor:

Cookies that are used help us understand the way Visitors access our webpages, at what time and at what frequency. This specific technology does not gather any personnal data and is only used in order to ease the connection and registration process of the Visitor.

2. Personnal data given by the Visitor when registering on the website :

Résumés that we collect are stored in one of our secured servers. These data are only accessible by Synchrone internal HR.

Registration data given by the Visitor are automatically integrated into our own internal Applications/Softwares with no specific treatment to interfere. These data are only accessible by Synchrone internal HR.

All these data are the core of our Talents Community.
Thanks to these data, our Candidates have the possibility to easily apply to one or several of our job opportunities. All these applications are basically our Community and help us offer job opportunities even after the D-day of the first application.
Calls and Interviews will help summarize all data registered by the Visitor and so, make the application process faster.

We do keep personnal data as long as we do have a common context. As soon as this period gets over, your personal data will be erased from our systems. Except for the following retention criteria :

• We have an ongoing contract,

• We have the possibility to offer you an interesting job opportunity,

1. Our key principles in Data Protection Management:

• We do indicate to the candidate which data are collected and the aim of the collection.

• We do respect the choice of our candidates regarding data collection and use.

• We do collect, use and keep only data which are specifically useful in our recruiting activities.

• We ask the candidate for potential updates on these data to keep them accurate. Through his private web space.

• We have set up adapted security measures in order to keep these data safe.

• We restrict data access and divulgation.

• We offer to candidate easy ways to contact, ask, claim or even request deletion of these data.

2. Candidates Personal Data Conservation length :

As previously mentioned, we do only collect, use and keep personal data that is very related to our recruiting activities. Plus, we are making sure these data are accurate over time.

All candidate’s expertise files that have not been updated over the last 2 years will be partially cleaned: personal data and attached documents (coming either from the candidate or from Synchrone) shall be deleted.

After 3 full years with no updates on the candidates’ expertise file, two options are to be studied :

• If there has been no contact between the candidate and Synchrone, the expertise file will be totally deleted.

• If there has been few contacts (such as interviews) between the candidate and Synchrone, the expertise file and the Resumé will be totally deleted. After 15 years without any update, the expertise file will be completely deleted from our Talent Community.

3. Your rights regarding personal data management:

European GDPR law allows you different rights regarding personal data management:

The Right to Access : You can access most of the data that we keep thanks to your personal web space. You can ask us to give you the detailed personal information that we keep.

The Right to Correct : Should you think that some personal information are wrong or partially correct, you can access and modify them through your personal web space (or ask Synchrone to do so).

The Right to Oppose : You can prevent Synchrone from using your personal data for any specific reason. Should the treatment that you don’t want Synchrone to run on your data be related to recruitment, it might restrict your access to job opportunities.

The Right for Data Erasure : You can ask Synchrone to erase your personal data. This right however will not apply should Synchrone have a legal obligation to keep these specific data.

You have the right to indicate orientation on conservation, communication, erasure for your private data after your death.

You can request access, correction, or erasure of your personal data at any time. Should you want to do so, please contact our internal Information Security Teams :