Digital Collaboration

Thanks to new technologies, we are now used to access from anywhere, and at any time, a multitude of services and information, in real time, and immediately usable from many devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.).

The Digital & Collaboration Offer

Our customers rely on these changes in use and make the most of their companies, their internal services and their employees.

Synchrone supports you in this transition, both in terms of the design and the integration of these new uses.

Innovation Implement new technologies within your organization
Design of
new services
Facilitate collaboration by offering a better experience to its employees
Steering &
Lead the implementation of digital transformation projects and support users to change
within the IS
Technically integrate new devices into your information system

The benefits for your organization

Improve responsiveness with real-time, reliable information
Unclutter your business with information sharing
Increase agility and increase your productivity
Improve collaboration by making your teams mobile