The advent of agile methodologies and the increasingly tight timeframes of production have highlighted one of the key steps in the design cycle of an application: testing. This activity aiming to ensure the quality of software and compliance with business requirements has become a competence in its own right.

The Testing Offer

Testing and certification are now part of a full-fledged strategy that requires anticipation and appropriate resources and can hardly be reduced to a single profession.

Today, we support our customers with their performance goals and to ensure them the bast quality our their applications.

Functional Testing Ensure compliance with the functional specifications
of tests
Make sure there are no regressions and delete manual tasks
Measure the performance of an application for optimal use by the user

The benefits for your organization

Increase the reliability and quality of the tests performed
Lighten your workload for more productivity
Reduce your costs by industrializing your tests
Gain agility to reduce the time to market