Reliability, responsiveness, resilience and optimized communication within organizations: these issues have given rise to the need to bring Dev and Ops teams together. This approach, based on the Lean and Agile principles, enables on-demand delivery and maintains the constant availability of services.

The DevOps Offer

The objective is to reduce time to market and allow teams to deploy their applications continuously by removing organizational, cultural and technical obstacles.

Synchrone uses its expertise of more than 15 years with CIOs to support you in the major challenges of DevOps through its 2 poles:

Consulting & Expertise Advice on setting up a DevOps methodology:
• Audit
• Change management
• Financial and budgetary management
• Recommendations for tools
Build & Run Accompanying organizations on all stages of the DevOps cycle in the MOA, MOE and Infrastructure / Production domains.

The benefits for your organization

Improve communication between your Dev & Ops teams
Reduce deployment times
Detect errors earlier in the development cycle
Benefit from a tailor-made expertise