Business Transformation

Regulatory constraints, outsourcing, productivity and flexibility gains: the requirements of the market are part of a performance approach. Characterized by the transformation of the activities, it aims at the adoption of models where commitment of results rhymes with efficiency of the services.

The Business Transformation offer

From a project assistance model to solutions with commitments: packages, skills center, service centers. Synchrone helps large organizations to face the new challenges of productivity and quality.

Skills centre Group your activities and delegate operational management
Smart Bid Group your activities and delegate operational management
Delivery Performance Un engagement de résultats basé sur des indicateurs/KPI associés à un catalogue de services en Unités d’œuvre
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The benefits for your organization

Provide the most appropriate skills to meet your challenges
Achieve productivity gains and economies of scale
Get flexibility to absorb load variations
Outsource activities that are not part of your core business