Market and regulatory pressures force large banking groups to be more reactive and focus more on IT governance and non-compliance risks.

The Compliance offer

In the current environment, Synchrone helps his customers to ensure the excellence of operations at each stage: qualification and planning, Information Systems management and implementation phases.

Today we support Risk and compliance Directions thanks to our community of experts through our four areas of expertise :

Fight against
terrorist funding
Improve the transparency of transactions to third countries at risk
Increase due diligence measures on suspicious flows to prevent money laundering
Know Your Customer (KYC) - New policies integration Reinforce customer knowledge and ensure their integrity
Fraud Prevent identity theft and payment transaction fraud

The benefits for your organization

Respect regulatory obligations with the help of dedicated experts
Use compliance to improve governance and overall performance
Master the risks and turn them into opportunities
Keep a positive image, a factor of trust for your customers and shareholders