Back & Middle Office

From private individual to the biggest financial institutions, all customers benefit from the operations offered by Banks: Cheques, Accounts, Investor Services, Borrowing, Insurance, Bank Transfers.

The Back & Middle Office offer

The multiplication of regulatory constraints, the increased quality of service, competition and the reputation of banks require them to continuously optimise their Back and Middle Office.

In this evolving context, Synchrone covers the entire Back & Middle Office chain (Accounting, Control, Analysis, Editing, Support, etc.).

Back & Middle
Realize the services offered by the Retail Banking.
Back & Middle
Realize the services offered by the major Finance players.
Back & Middle
Realize the services offered by major Insurance players.

The benefits for your organization

Increase flexibility by delegating recurring operations
Benefit from a network of immediately mobilizable consultants
Free yourself from recruitment constraints and optimize your costs