Mobile head of project development

Synchrone supports its key account customers clients in their digital transformation projects, notably through a Digital Customer Experience & Innovation Offer. In this context, we are looking for specialized profiles of developers who also have the skills of project leaders in mobile development.

Mobile Application Development

You will be working on IOS and/or Android operating systems, or in Web Front End optimised for both desktop and mobile display. Within a dedicated team, you play an active role in the design and development phases of mobile and / or web applications.

Digital by Synchrone: transforming business needs into high-performance digital solutions

Engaged in the digital transformation of their services and activities, large organisations need to combine innovation and responsiveness to face the challenge of performance.

Synchrone, with its Digital by Synchrone offer,provides a global solution to accompany technological innovation and the digital transition of large organisations.
From design to conception (POC, UX, UI, ergonomics) from acquisition to analysis (change management, audience, performance), development (architecture, Web & Mobile) to application testing and management (integration, qualification, support), Synchrone provides an end-to-end offer.

Project management and web / mobile development

As a project leader in mobile development, you are committed to supporting our clients in the implementation of web and / or mobile applications for better management of the customer relationship and the experience.

In this capacity, you participate in the choice of a solution, supervise the smooth running of the project and will be the guarantor of the best quality / cost / time fit.

Your interactions and your close and continuous collaboration with the various stakeholders, will ensure you a real immersion at the heart of the project.

Within the framework of deployment on Android and / or IOS operating systems, you write the technical specifications based on the functional specifications of the applications requested by customers.

While respecting technical constraints, you ensure the necessary developments, carry out unit tests and ensure the functional acceptance of the mobile applications developed.

Analysis, correction of any anomalies detected and scalable and / or corrective maintenance will be an integral part of your position. You are responsible for the delivery of the various deliverables expected by the customers within the agreed deadlines and compliance with the standards and procedures in force (architecture, security, quality and documentation).

Synchrone Mobile Services Project Leader

I joined a large automotive group to support them in the design of new mobile services that rely on "service design" methodologies. My role consists of providing expertise in the design and industrialisation of two native applications, one for smartphone and one for tablet.

Acting as project manager, MOE, I mainly play the role of project leader in the development of mobile applications. From the formulation of specifications to the drafting of the tender, I am in charge of steering the project in all its diversity and complexity. My versatility also leads me to intervene on related assignments all connected to the digital transformation of the Group.

It is a rewarding and very formative assignment that Synchrone has given me with its key account customer..

The profile of our mobile application designers/ developers

We are looking for developers / designers of mobile applications who have taken higher education in Computer science, type IUT or school of engineers. You can demonstrate significant and successful experience of at least 3 years in Mobile and Web development.

You benefit from strong programming skills such as Java, Javascript, CSS / CSS3, HTML / HTML5, C and PHP. The most popular frameworks, like AngularJS, jQuery and Bootstrap, are familiar to you.

As a developer in mobile and web applications, you also have strong skills in IOS / Android and Windows technology environments.

Completing missions as project manager in mobile development, you are required to use the Agile method: knowing and mastering it is a huge bonus.

Agile / Scrum at the heart of the Synchrone University program

Each year, Synchrone University organizes dozens of Agile, ITIL and DevOps intra-company sessions and workshops at its sites in Paris, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence.

These sessions provide an overview of the different phases of the project life cycle, their objectives and benefits, as well as the common language and definitions of best practices.

With a nearly 100% pass rate on each exam, our consultants are fully satisfied with the level of knowledge and skills they have achieved and their almost immediate practical implementation.

You are a creative force and like team work. Invested in the missions entrusted to you, your technical curiosity and the achievements of your previous training and experiences enable you to quickly grasp the stakes and responsibilities associated with the various projects entrusted to you. You know how to make rapid progress in the different technologies you use.

Are you looking to kick start your career by joining a high added-value project? Joint Synchrone as mobile application project leader and/or developer: apply now.

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