MOA Banking / Risk Consultant

The banking sector has become unstable and highly vulnerable in terms of fluctuations in the monetary sphere overall. In order to ensure the sustainability of the economic and financial system and to safeguard it from any systemic crisis, the legislator and the regulator have drawn up a regulatory framework intended to prevent these risks; and this regulatory dynamic continues to strengthen.

In this context, Synchrone accompanies banking institutions thanks to our expertise and the careful analysis of their issues and problems. Thanks to our many interventions, we have an excellent knowledge of the market to help them find the right response.

Role of a MOA Risk Consultant

For our key account customers in the banking sector, you are in charge of carrying out the functional study and analysing the existing risk management system.

Guaranteeing support for the steering and coordination of internal projects having a strong customer impact, you will intervene in credit, market or counterparty risks and be up to date with the Basel II, Basel III, IFRS 9 and / or BCBS 239 regulations.

Risk & Regulation by Synchrone

In this context of tsunami of regulations, Synchrone positions itself as a key player in this area, and helps its banking customers to ensure operational excellence at each stage.

Our business lines: credit or counterparty risk, market risk, operational risk, liquidity risk - ALM

We support the central or global management departments as well as the risk divisions of banking groups thanks to our community of experts in five specialist branches: Retail Banking, Corporate Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management and Insurance.

At the heart of its Risk Management activities, Synchrone offers a global service- risk analysis, risk assessment, risk management - based on three major areas of intervention: consulting & expertise, change management & organisation and project management.

You contribute to the definition of business needs with users and to the drafting of expressions of needs.

As part of your activity, you are asked to write detailed functional specifications and scoping notes.

Thanks to your expertise and rigour, you participate in the development of qualification plans and develop test plans and acceptance phases.

You are also in charge of writing minutes and impact measurement.

Eric Joël,
MOA Banking risk

At BNP Paris, I am the interlocutor who ensures exchanges between international sites and the different business and IT contributors. After the global financial crisis, reporting and aggregation of data has become the major challenge for the banking sector. Demand levels are rising and banks need to meet the complex expectations of the US Federal Reserve as part of the CCAR initiative initiated by the ECB with the recent "Comprehensive Assessment / Asset Quality Review" project.

At the same time, to encourage banks to make progress in this area, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) issued in January 2013 a new set of 11 principles (known as BCBS 239) that systemically important banks should put into practice by December 2015. These principles set very high standards for accelerating the aggregation and reporting of risk data and improving its quality, completeness and detail.

The aim of the RaDAR program is to transform the new regulations into a concrete and relevant project for the Bank, building on existing projects (Single Business Line, Liquidity Reporting Program, Global Vision).

During this assignment I was responsible for the management of IRB DSI's relationship with the Risks and Finance Functions/ Business Lines. My role was also to accompany the management and implementation of their banking transformation projects, along with the strengthening of the Risk and Finance teams.

In concrete terms, my actions helped to frame the project, determine the corrective measures to be put in place, draft the functional specifications, quantify and plan works, monitor the smooth progress of the project, test and validate the solution and support deployment within the IRB scope..

The profile of our bank risk MOA

Our offers are aimed at highly qualified candidates who have at least 3 years of significant experience as a Banking Project Manager, ideally in a trading room environment or in risk analysis.

A good understanding of Basel II, Basel III, IFRS 9 and / or BCBS 239 regulations is essential.

Essential deliverables

We are looking for MOA Consultants able to produce:

  • Functional analyses
  • Extractions from databases
  • Functional specifications
  • Test specifications
  • Accreditation reports

Autonomous, rigorous, organised, you have good editorial skills, good analytical and summary abilities and inter-personal skills.

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