Driven by the opening of our capital to the institutional shareholders BPI France and Siparex, Sychrone transformation allows us to meet each day new challenges with our customers. Audit, consulting, management, methodology, design and optimisation (…), we support the digital transition of their activities and services at the heart of a real corporate strategy. Supported by the synchronisation of our competence centre – Consulting, Data expertise, Digital experience – and by our expertises community dedicated to our key offers, our value proposition thus simply and efficiently responds to the main business issues. A flexible and responsive organisation, a cross-sector approach, as well as the Synchrone continuing development, make our company the ideal partner to ensure the competitiveness of large organisations.

Laurent Leconte and Pierre LACAZE
CEO – Founders

Key Figures

key accounts
• €1 million turnover
2020 forecast Revenue




ISO 9001 Quality management systems
ISO 27001 Information security management systems

Success Stories

« Synchrone is a key partner in achieving SLAs »

P.E Delivery Project Executive, IBM

« We are pleased that Synchrone was one of the first patrons of 42, thus demonstrating a capacity for audacity and a true sense of innovation fit for the changing world of information technology. »

O.D., Director of Alternative Financing, 42

« Synchrone has implemented a quality management system, in which the relevance and the investment of the project's members have enabled the company’s immediate ISO 9001 certification. It is a strong indicator for its customers and collaborators »

C.C., Certification Auditor

« Born from the professional union between Laurent Leconte and Pierre Lacaze, Synchrone made the consulting optimized for the companies its added-value »

La Tribune

The Research Factory at the service of Digital

Transforming the business and services of our customers is synonymous with research and innovation. To propose solutions that combine simplicity and efficiency, we are pushing the boundaries of existing approaches and conducting our own work within our two entities dedicated to R & D.

R & D

Our research centre on experimental and / or academic fields conducts studies and projects in response to the increasing challenges of digitalisation of our customers, such as:

Automatic images retrieval by eye-tracking :
automatic search engine guided by user’s eye movements

Security in the cloud and connected objects, IoT:
algorithm and cryptology


Our Web/Digital Experimentation Laboratory designs and develops high value-added services and applications contributing to the continuous improvement of our services, such as:

Intelligent Skill Search Algorithms

Deep learning solutions / applications

Our teams of researchers and engineers also monitor emerging technologies and methodologies by drawing on academic (42, talent incubator, etc.) and collaborative partnerships with the start-up sector (D4J, etc.)

The power of our Communities of Expertise

Enriching and developing our offers aimed at performance requires the sharing of the visions and thoughts of all Synchrone stakeholders. To achieve this, our Communities of expertise, multidisciplinary and interconnected think tanks, bring together Consultants, Managers and Specialist Experts around structuring projects that create value for our customers.

Synchrone University

Knowledge sharing and skill-building of employees and customer teams:

Hosting of conferences or workshops

Organising MOOC or tutorials

Research Factory

Contribution and enrichment of the R & D work carried out by Synchrone:

Collaboration with intelligence work

Contribution to publications

Participation in events or exhibitions

Customer Approach

Contribution of IT or Business expertise in the value proposal delivered to the client:

Co-design of Expertise offers

Support for the development of on-demand proposals

Dedicated referent for operational staff

Our Social and Environmental Responsibility

Since its inception, Synchrone has been committed to social and environmental performance. Considered a guarantee of progress and sustainability, CSR is the key to shared growth that benefits the company, its employees, partners, customers and, more broadly, the civil society and the environment in which we operate.


Green IT Policy

Carbon offset programs

Eco-management of the business and premises


Promotion of Diversity

Proactive Disability Policy

Well-being in the workplace

Equality Index W-M : 79/100


Awareness of business functions

Ethics Policy

Risk and Customer Compliance Department


Sustainable Procurement Charter

Subcontracting and responsible co-contracting

Support for the local economy


Social Responsibility

Development Report

Code of Ethics

The human adventure

It is men and women who give to Synchrone its value.