Culture and Sharing
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Diversity, solidarity, competitiveness

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Culture and Sharing

Since its creation, Synchrone has developed a business culture based on trust, listening and sharing. Solidarity, mutual assistance, diversity and openness are at the heart of our values and day to day commitments.

Team Spirit

The team spirit that reigns in Synchrone is best represented in the sporting events that bring our employees together.

United by the colours of the company, the members of the growing Synchrone Running Team defend our values of solidarity and sportsmanship on important races: Course du Grand Paris, Run In Lyon, Tech Run Paris, etc.

#Event - Retour sur les événements de la rentrée 2019

#Mondaymotivation - Aventure, sport et solidarité : petit récap de notre rentrée 👋
➡️ Cécile Hernandez- Athlète parasnowboard , ODYSSEA

Publiée par Synchrone le Lundi 21 octobre 2019

Synchrone sports team are back to school ! 🏃


Talent as the sole criterion for recruitment. Skills, the only key to development.

40 nationalities within the company

Diversity of origin and culture serving performance
100% of jobs made available to the disabled

Arrangements and dedicated support for talented disabled people
A voluntary policy of diversity and gender equality

50% of female employees hold a managerial role

Partnerships & Sponsorship

Learning better, for all

At the heart of its educational sponsorship approach, Synchrone supports 42, IT school created by Xavier Niel, founder of the Iliad-Free group. 42 is innovative because of its concept founded on free access, its openness to non-graduates and community education. We are proud to associate ourselves with these key innovators as a historic sponsor and first ESN partner of the school.

Supporting sporting exploits

Driven by its values of solidarity and competitiveness, Synchrone supports and encourages sporting exploits beyond its walls. In this way it sponsors top level disabled athletes who participate in some of the most important events (world championships, Olympic Games, etc.) The values of the company: tenacity, rigour, courage and excelling oneself.

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