Corporate culture
By Synchrone

Well-being, exchange, diversity


Happy at Work

Labeled HappyAtWork *, Synchrone is particularly involved into well-being of its employees. It implements a transversal policy aiming to offer an optimal quality of life at work.

Guided by values of exchange and sharing, actions are carried out throughout the year. Some examples:
pictures, quizz, co-development, etc.
pictures, quizz, co-development, etc.
Synchrone University’s development, etc.
running, soccer tournaments, fitness lessons, etc.

United Heroes X Synchrone Program

Designed for all of our employees, this corporate sport and well-being program aims to mobilize and gather our employees by sharing the values of sport and cooperation. It also encourages our employees to be more active and therefore to improve their health and working conditions.

United Heroes
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Inpulse 2 Program

Aimed at all of our consultants, this program allows them to contribute to Synchrone's influence and to be a player in its development, by receiving compensation in return for their engagement.

Inpulse 2

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Since its inception, Synchrone has been committed to social and environmental performance.

Social Commitment
Talent as the sole recruitment criterion. Skills, the only keys to evolution :
Professional equality between
women and men
Professional equality between
women and men
Equality Index W-M : 79/100
Company agreement
on equality between women and men
Employment of young people and seniors for a balanced age pyramid
Internationality of talents from 35 different nationalities
Disability Policy
Disability Policy
Recruitment campaigns on dedicated forums and websites
Information (Disability Policy leaflet) and event awareness
Athlete sponsorship: a new perspective on disability
Since 2017, Synchrone has supported Cécile HERNANDEZ, Olympic parasnowboard champion. The company's sporting godmother, who is an example of resilience and fighting spirit, sregularly works with employees during event operations where she broadcasts messages of tolerance, fighting spirit and openness.
Cécile HERNANDEZ et notre équipe de running parisienne au départ de la course Odysséa Paris
Environmental Commitment
Reduce our ecological footprint and build a lasting legacy for future generations
Green IT Policy
Green IT Policy
Datacenters, eco-management of workstations, rationalization of printing
Digitalisation of all our communications
and carbon offsetting
and carbon offsetting
Collection and recovery of paper and computer consumables
Support for the Vader Piet wind farm project in the Caribbean
Support for the local economy
Support for the local economy
Priority to the short circuit and local providers for the supply of agencies
Cultural patronage within the regions of establishment
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Synchrone is committed to :