Consulting Careers
By Synchrone

Expertise, support, development



Synchrone Consultants show their expertise each day in large scale IT & Business projects in the 3 areas the company operates in.

Your skills

Business Consulting
  • Risk consultant/ project manager
  • Compliance consultant/ project manager
  • Corporate & finance banking (CIB) consultant/ project manager
  • Market finance consultant/ project manager
  • Means of payment consultant/ project manager
  • Property and casualty insurance consultant/ project manager
  • Pension consultant/ project manager
  • Life insurance consultant/ project manager
  • Project leader/ Project Manager banking/ insurance IS
  • Banking/ insurance front office consultant
  • Banking/ insurance middle/back office consultant
IT Consulting
  • Transformation expert/ consultant
  • Change management consultant
  • DevOps Consultant/ Expert
  • Security Consultant/ Expert
  • IS-ISSM security manager
  • Quality project manager
  • PMO
  • Agile Coach/Scrum master
Data Expertise
Infrastructure Services
  • Business architect
  • IS Consultant
  • IS Project Manager
  • Networks Consultant/Expert
  • Telecoms Consultant/Expert
  • Cloud/ Data Centre Consultant/Expert
  • Cloud Planner/ Architect
  • IS infrastructure project director
  • infrastructure/production Planner/ Architect
  • Infrastructure/production expert
  • Messaging/ collaborative tools expert
  • Technical architect
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Services Manager
  • Production/ operation engineer
  • Middleware engineer
Service applications
  • Applications Consultant/Expert
  • Head of applicative systems
  • Application Planner/ Architect
  • Application project leader
  • Application Designer/ Developer
  • Application test Engineer
Business Intelligence
  • ERP/CRM Consultant/Expert
  • ERP/CRM Planner/ Architect
  • Decision-making project leader/ project manager
  • BI Planner/ Architect
  • Decision-making technical expert
  • BI/ Big Data project leader
  • BI Designer/ Developer
Digital Experience
Digital Performance
  • Marketing Consultant/ Project leader
  • E/M Commerce Consultant/Expert
  • Web/ Digital project leader
  • Acquisition/ listing consultant
  • UX/Ergonomics
  • Designer
  • IoT Consultant/Expert
  • Agile Coach/Scrum master
  • Web architect
  • Web research and development engineer
  • Mobile research and development engineer
  • Web/ mobile test engineer
Digital Intelligence & Security
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Miner/Data Analyst
  • Big Data project leader/ Project Manager
  • Big Data Architect
  • Big Data Designer/ Developer
  • E/M payment consultant
  • Cyber Security Consultant/ Expert

Management: proximity and responsiveness

Synchrone offers each of its employees management in line with its fundamental principles of transparency, honesty and respect.


Listening, discussion, collaboration: proximity is one of the keys to Synchrone’s management.

Because you need to know one another to understand each other, our Managers develop and maintain a special professional relationship with their teams.



Being a Manager at Syncrone means seeing yourself as a facilitator for your teams.

So, management rhymes with responsiveness for rapid decision making and greater flexibility in employees’ day to day lives.


Training and certification policy

Implemented by the Training Division, our training policy seeks the boost the skills of the company's employees, to offer them growth and perspectives in line with their career goals.

  • Partnerships with the best organisations
  • Tested procedures, ISO 9001 certified
  • Greater knowledge of IT and Business expertise
  • Selection of the best performing systems
  • Prioritisation of training leading to certification
  • Training managed from A to Z
  • Schemes: Synchrone University - Inter/Inter-entreprise - CPF - Accreditation - VAE
  • Annual certification schemes offered to Consultants
  • Free access to and loans of publications from the Training division library
  • Satisfaction surveys taken by 100% of trainees
  • Optimisation or diversification of skills
  • Career development
  • Qualitative feedback by trained employees
  • Upgrading of skills
  • 1/3 of employees trained
  • 57% of consultants certified

Top 5 training/certifications

Project Management

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