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Synchrone communities bring together Consultants, members of the sales team and employees of support functions within projects that create structure and generate added value for the company.

Communities of experts

Multi-disciplinary and interconnected discussion clusters, our communities of experts rely on the know-how of Synchrone stakeholders through five strategic units.

Participation in the integration of the best talents in teams

  • A relay in recruitment communities
  • Organisation of conferences in partner schools
  • Co-opting
  • Participation in the preparation of skills assessment grids


Contribution and enrichment of research work carried out by Synchrone

  • Collaboration in intelligence work
  • Contribution to publications
  • Participation in events or fairs


Contribution to communication projects and actions

  • Authoring/ co-authoring of articles for the newsletter
  • Sports challenges
  • Communication relays on social networks


Skills sharing and upgrades of employees.

  • Hosting of conferences and workshops
  • Holding of MOOC and tutorials


Contribution of IT or Specialist expertise in the value proposal delivered to the customer

  • Co-design of offers of expertise
  • Support in the development of proposals on-demand
  • Dedicated benchmark for operators


Training by Synchrone

Synchrone helps its employees settle into their position and in their career development within the internal Synchrone University training school. It offers “a la carte” syllabi and sessions focusing on all of the company’s specialisms: Consulting, Business Development and Support Function.

Conferences, Workshops, MOOC, Tutorials (…) are regularly organised by the company's community of trainers, the members of which are identified once they are accredited. Place of discussion and emulation, generators of internal cohesion, the training offered by Synchrone University deal with subjects as varied as:
  • Specific problems or subjects in the field of IT or specialist fields
  • New trends, technologies and methodologies
  • Business Developer training courses
  • Management, time management and management of priorities
  • Operation of Synchrone’s proprietary tools

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Synchrone develops and brings together communities in physical and virtual spaces for sharing, enabling multiple discussions and varied meetings.

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