BI Big Data Project Manager

Synchrone deploys an end to end analytical approach allowing it to unveil and make the most of data from its customers, to aid with efficient decision-making.

From strategic advice to self-service BI (decision-making IT) through the definition of predictive models, Synchrone offers them solutions adapted to their business challenges guided by productivity and performance.

Working closely with Business Departments and understanding their new challenges, Synchrone deploys its dedicated Digital Intelligence by Synchrone Offer and has several BI / Big Data H/F Project Management Jobs.

Role of a BI / Big Data Project Manager

We recruit candidates who are experts in their field and who are able to commit to a job requiring multiple skills.

The guarantor of an optimal result according to the constraints and the specifications established, you will be responsible for the steering and the implementation of Business Intelligence projects focusing on Big Data.

While the missions entrusted to our Business Intelligence project leaders in Big Data vary from one client to another, you will be particularly interested in defining and clarifying as precisely as possible business needs in order to establish detailed functional specifications.

AMOA cross-sector BI Project Manager

I am supporting Orange Business Services in the development of a solution to offer customers unified statistics for the different contact centre platforms. My mission is to provide project management, as well as project management support, for the deployment of a solution based on Flexible Data.

The strength of this assignment? The management of the project from A to Z, with a strong involvement and real leadership to help the customer take the decisions most adapted to his problems. This assignment requires a solid knowledge of BI (Business Intelligence) and requires the AMOA project manager to be very responsive.

The monitoring of the different phases of the project involves a varied technical environment, with the use of tools such as MS Project, Hadoop (Hortoworks), Microsoft BI, Splunk, SQL Server ... The managerial dimension is to the fore, with meetings enabling interaction with the different stakeholders of the project.

This assignment as BI Big Data Project Manager really represents a turning point in my career.

You will determine the various components of the project charter (objectives, deadlines, ...) and you will guarantee the drafting of the plan in order to be able to foresee, in detail, the human, technical and financial means necessary for the implementation of the project.

The organisation, coordination and management of the entire project team is an integral part of your skills.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the project, especially when it comes to respecting costs and deadlines, you will guarantee its total supervision.

Thanks to the implementation of key performance indicators, you can rigorously ensure the monitoring and daily management of the project.

Performing acceptances, the verification of their conformity and their adequacy with the specifications will be key elements of your assignment.

While ensuring their quality, you will be in charge of coordinating and summarising validations, in order to define good predictive models and the right metrics with a view to helping decision making.

At the service of the company's strategy, you provide business recommendations and manage the publisher relationship by ensuring the organisation, coordination and representation of the publisher in project bodies.

Synchrone at the 2017 Paris Big Data Fair

A key event for Synchrone, which attended to meet with key accounts, schools and publishers in the sector.

Most of its key partners, mainly from the banking and industrial sectors, were present. Several schools, including Centrale Supelec and ParisTech, also presented their new Big Data training courses to the company.

At the same time, Synchrone met several experts in the field, as well as publishers implementing their solutions as part of our Digital Intelligence offer.

"In order to perfect our understanding of Big Data issues, it was essential for us to be present at Big Data, which is a key area of IT" says Kevin Le Louarn, Business Engineer at Synchrone. The company has obtained rewarding feedback and relevant information on new trends in big data discussed this year: machine learning, cybersecurity, data protection and the Internet of Things (IoT).

"Today, the issue of the use of the Data represents the challenge of the future. The Big Data Fair is a great gathering in terms of innovation and know-how, and charts a promising path towards the society of tomorrow" concludes Amandine Kazmierczak, Manager at Synchrone.

The profile sought for a BI Big Data Project Manager

You have completed higher education (Bac +4 / 5) in computer science and have at least 6 years of experience as a business intelligence/ Big Data project manager. Your past jobs and assignments allow you to master the entire decision-making chain, from input to output.

You have a good level of English and are comfortable writing and speaking.

We are also looking for BI / Big Data project managers with real managerial skills, with a sense of leadership when necessary.

You are rigorous and have a very strong sense of responsibility.

Give a new dimension to your career, work on major projects with prestigious key accounts. Respond now by submitting your application!

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