Our Offer for Businesses


Synchrone supports its customers in the management of their most strategic projects. At the heart of their new challenges and in a changing environment, it guide large organisations in improving the performance of their IT and business activities. Synchrone supports the development of key players in Banking/ Finance/ Insurance, Transport, Energy/ Environment, Service and Industry.

Key projects:

  • Project ownership FATCA regulations for Société Générale
  • Market risk appraisal and analysis for BNP Paribas
  • PMO IS security for SFR

Data Expertise

At the heart of the data transformation challenge, Synchrone supports its customers throughout the entire life cycle of their Data. From the design phase to operation, they are enhanced to reveal their decision-making power.

Key projects:

  • Technical IT Lead & Quality Process for IBM
  • DevOps integration and ongoing deployment for Société Générale
  • Technical consulting Big Data for Silca

Digital Experience

With a strong focus on business directions and their new challenges, Synchrone is rethinking the customer experience with a flexible and seamless multi-channel approach. Smart, mobile and user friendly, business activities and processes are digitalised to make them more competitive.

Key projects:

  • Digital marketing conulting for PSA Groupe
  • Web & mobile design for Orange
  • Redesigning the customer pathway for Tarkett